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Hi, I'm Karen Johnson, Professional Dog Groomer & Owner
I love animals, and in fact I've always loved animals. When I was a young girl I wanted to be a veterinarian. I dreamed about taking care of animals and eventually owning my very own clinic. Unfortunately, money and other circumstances prevented me from embarking on my dream career. So I did what I thought was the next thing, I went to work for a groomer.
At age 24 I apprenticed under top international groomers of show dogs in Boston. Here I learn not only how to groom but the art of proper grooming for the various breeds. I also learned and appreciated the demands and challenges of grooming cats and kittens, which I thoroughly enjoy.

This experience and training enable me to move on to pursue my career as a professional pet groomer. I set up a grooming service in a prominent veterinarian office and continued there for eleven years. Not only did my grooming experience and ability improve, but I gained extensive knowledge and experience of the practice of veterinary medicine. I learned to appreciate the relationship between good veterinary medicine, proper pet diet, and the importance of professional grooming. This experience not only enabled me to be a better groomer but also now helps you as I am able to provide proper and professional care for your loving pets.

Through the process of continued education, and my experience, dedication, and love for animals, I became a certified groomer. Only about one in four groomers are certified. I am very proud to have reached the top of my profession and provide exceptional service to my fellow pet owners and their pets.

It was in 2000 that I opened my own grooming business. Since then I have been faithfully serving my customers in the Palm Beach and Martin counties. I know how to properly groom all breeds of dogs and have worked with the best of show dogs as well. As I mentioned I love cats, and I do groom cats even though most groomers do not.

I know I will love your dog or cat and will treat them as family. I am proud of my profession and my accomplishments, and I find fulfillment in seeing happy well groomed pets and happy well satisfied customers.

My shop is very pet friendly. I do not cage your pets (except when they might be having a bad day and not wanting to get along with others). Your pets feel right at home, have a chance to relate to others, and even look forward to their visits at "Puttin on the Dog"- Your Pet's second home. dog grooming salon

Our goal is to provide a clean stress free environment for your pet, and to groom your pet the way you, the owner, want it to look. your pet will have a great grooming and pleasurable experience with us I want to make my shop, your pet's favorite spa.

We are professional dog groomers offering Pet Grooming, including Dog Grooming and Cat Grooming
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